Andy Rok & The Real Deal

Andy Rok & The Real Deal is a Five piece Rok infused R&B Soul band, and Guerrero first fully authentic original solo project. After years of Cutting his teeth both locally and Internationally in bands he founded like the socio-political hip hop troupe Flobots and horn driven Funk outfit Bop skizzum, Rok is going back to basics with bass drums, keys, and guitars layered with soulful melodies and harmonies. The band is comprised of real players, all of which could front bands of their own.  It’s Rok’s very own soulful super group, tackling some ARok’s Most personal songs to date. You can guarantee a sweat filled stage that's full of energy and a variety of musical styles. The Real Deal is the next chapter in a series of successful projects by the guitarist and vocalist, and now that all eyes are on the Mexican funk rocker, he aims to please. After recording and performing original music for almost 15 years, Andy Rok is ready to be as “REAL” as possible in his new project.
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creature Canopy and Compass & Cavern: DO Disney

Creature Canopy and Compass & Cavern Do Disney is a marriage between the two burgeoning Denver, CO Indie Pop/Alternative Rock acts Creature Canopy, and Compass & Cavern; affectionately known as CCC&C. 

The five-piece supergroup was born when the bands were on tour together in the spring of 2017 and began reminiscing about the immaculate melodies and harmonies from Disney’s musical history.  Out loud.  In a crowded burger restaurant. 

The two bands spent several months rearranging Disney classics from across time into their Rock-based Pop style, ranging from “Cruella DeVille” (101 Dalmatians) to “How Far I’ll Go” (Moana).  CCC&C played their inaugural, all-Disney show to a sell-out crowd in 2017, and followed it up with a five-song EP of studio recorded favorites later that summer.  (Available on Spotify). The members of CCC&C are ecstatic to bring the magic back on stage once again for Nerd Prom 2018. 

Creature Canopy

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Compass & Cavern 



All Chiefs Play weezer's Blue Album


DJ ALF (Host)

Alf collected all of the red, yellow, and green Star Wars collector's cards in the 1970s, as well has having good number of the blues and oranges.  They currently reside in a box in his office. In 1984, he placed fourth in Colorado in the inaugural MathCounts competition, earning himself a trip to Washington to compete in the nationals.  He then helped Colorado place third in the nation in the nationals, mainly by not screwing anything up too badly.  The trophies MAY still be in his parents' basement - he'll have to check. In the late 80s, he owned his own set of D&D dice.  The d4 was yellow, the d6 orange, the d8 clear green, the d12 was light blue, and the d20 was brown.  He still thinks these are the "correct" colors for those dice.In 1992, he graduated from Pomona College with a degree in statistical inference.  He has yet to take a job where this has come in handy, but he's still used by friends and family to figure out who owes what on restaurant bills, and how much the tip should be.In the mid-90s, unable to find a T-shirt with the coolest ninja turtle on it (Donatello), he painted one himself.Alf has now had several decades to come to grips with, embrace, and learn to love his inner and outer geek.  He now plays music by local artists on Locals Only on Channel 93.3.